Web & API Development

Web & API Development

The Web has seen significant transformation over the years. Beginning with the first static website, which released almost three decades ago to today when sophisticated technologies display real-time information, the transformation has been spectacular. Microsoft’s contribution to Web and open source has been especially noteworthy. This company has been one of the pioneers in providing great web development technologies through .NET. Technologies like ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, Web API, Entity Framework, SQL Server and their latest ASP.NET Core that supports .NET Core. .NET Standard has gained a lot of traction and support from developer community. It should be noted that most of the frameworks listed above are now open source.

Our team of Consultants and Architects who are experts in .NET Consulting, Software Architecture, Design Principles and Patterns have decades of experience building secure and scalable web solutions using Microsoft’s web-stack technologies. Our experts provide an overall professional development experience by understanding your business requirements first and then building a solution based on your vision. We follow the Agile Development process and other development techniques like TDD, BDD or DDD depending on your business needs. Our experts have all the skills and expertise to build a top-notch solution for your organization.


As the .NET Framework grew over the years, this framework became a go-to choice for developers, but there came a point where .NET saw a stagnant growth in developers’ interest. It was time for Microsoft to bring in something new that would help them move upwards from the inflection point. So they came up with .NET Core that would allow developers to move their focus from developing just windows-based applications to cross-platform applications. .NET Core is that latest framework in the market, which is written from the ground up. It is lean, modular and has a cross-platform CLR that allows application development for Windows, Linux and Mac. Yes, and you can make cool things happen, for example, by using Entity Framework on a Mac with Docker.

With the advent of .NET Core, came the new web framework ASP.NET Core. ASP.NET Core is a much leaner version of the ASP.NET Framework that allows developers to create modular next-generation web applications. Some of the benefits include extensive support for the latest JavaScript Frameworks, combined MVC and Web API Support, full support for .NET Core and .NET Standard, new project templates, new Razor Pages support, backward compatibility to run on .NET Framework 4.6.1 and much more that enable developers to build next generation cloud-friendly web apps.

ASP.NET Core promotes industry standard best practices and has a built in dependency injection mechanism. It has a lightweight, high-performance, and modular HTTP request pipeline. It also came up with easier dependencies and better CLI and Visual tooling that give developers a smooth development experience.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core frameworks allow developers to build modern cloud and mobile friendly web applications. New JavaScript frameworks have deeply penetrated into this new web development world. Together using ASP.NET Core and various JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Aurelia, VueJS, React, etc., we can build some cool next generation apps that are fast, modular, mobile and cloud friendly. Excellani has a team of expert consultants and architects who are proficient in all the latest technologies and can help you build solutions that best suits your business needs.

How can Excellani help you with Web Development using .NET?

Our experienced and certified team of .NET Professionals can help you design and develop robust, customizable and flexible solutions that suit your business requirements. Our .NET Architects and API Experts know that powerful apps are backed by scalable APIs. We specialize in creating enterprise-level APIs to power your business. Our team of Top UX Professionals and Enterprise Development Experts create user friendly mobile and tablet solutions while maintaining scalability and performance.