Native Mobile Apps Development


The term native application means different things to different people. For some people, it is an application that is developed using the tools specified by the creator of the platform, such as an application developed for iOS with Objective-C or Swift, an Android app developed with Java or Kotlin, or a Windows app developed with .NET. Other people use the term native application to refer to applications that are compiled to machine code that is native. At Excellani we define a native application as one that has a native user interface, performance, and API access. The following list explains these three concepts in greater detail:

  • Native user interface: Applications built with Xamarin use the standard controls for each platform. This means, for example, that an iOS app built with Xamarin will look and behave as an iOS user would expect, and an Android app built with Xamarin will look and behave as an Android user would expect.
  • Native performance: Applications built with Xamarin are compiled for native performance and could use platform-specific hardware acceleration.
  • Native API access: Native API access means that applications built with Xamarin could use everything that the target platforms and devices offer to developers.

Passion for mobile applications

We are specialised in mobile application development for other companies on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as being experts in social applications and API integrations. The average user sees more than a thousand marketing messages daily and can choose from more than a million apps in both the App Store and Google Play. In order to stand out in this crowded space it requires something extra.

We believe that by developing an awesome app, it will be the first step for standing out. This goes for the design and UX (User Experience) as well as how well the app solves a problem for the user e.g. being entertaining, useful or providing relevant content. As the user’s expertise in apps grows, they also expect more from the apps they use and compare them to existing, well-established ones. Enterprise apps will also benefit from being awesome in order to stand out and make a strong connection with the user.

We help businesses leverage the power of mobile to advance how both employees and customers encounter information. We develop innovative and integrated strategies, so that mobile, social media or digital can be an integral and compliant part of your marketing and communication mix. We truly understand mobile and how your audience engages with it. At Excellani, we make the best use of insight and strategy to formulate clear objectives and deliver results. We can help you with both international and national mobile strategies, supporting your in-house delivery.