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Meet Team Excellani

Hi and welcome to Excellani. We welcome you to our world, so why not grab a seat and have some lunch with us?

Excellani is established through the passion and determination that we have to bring quality applications and services to those who require it.  We get out there and help other businesses develop better software and better manage their team, projects and company. Given the fast pace world with new and cutting edge technologies, there has been many choices often leaving developers confused or unsure what approach to take to satisfy and to “future proof” much of their applications as possible.

We took it upon ourselves to help these businesses through the passion and experience that we have been given throughout our time at different multi-national consultation firms and beyond. We love developing software and have a great passion and focus for them. Everywhere you go, everything that you do – you use a form of software built on the Microsoft eco-stack. The world uses around 90% of Microsoft software and we are proud to be contributing to that market.

We have seen and experienced the quality of software that does get developed and shipped full of bugs or just incomplete and makes no sense. This gave us the courage and we about making a real change to the culture of software developers in the industry.

We have established Excellani and wish to continue building upon that foundation and level of expertise that we have and can bring to your business. We only hire the RIGHT developers and consultants who we know can deliver and can meet beyond the quality bar we look for, so be assured that everything my team does will always be checked over – after all, your time and money is important so you must have quality and that is something we guarantee we can deliver. We certainly would not want anything less than what we expect if we ask and pay for it so why should you settle for less?

With the wealth of experience and expertise, you can be sure that I can bring to you answers to the most common and quite possibly the most rare problems and questions you have. We provide real world solutions to real world problems. Finding the right software solution and understanding how to get the most out of it will streamline your business and make it more profitable. At Excellani, we are all about providing you with a real world solution that will deliver exactly what you need – whether that’s in the form of custom developed software or through advisory to get the most from your systems.

We are all about software development

Everything we develop is designed to solve your problem or achieve your task. There are no ‘work-arounds’ or ‘overkill’; the software we create will provide you with exactly what you want.

During every project we love to release our inner ‘geek’ to create hard-working solutions that are robust, reliable and that simply work.

But there’s not much point in having great software if you don’t know how to use it, which is why we’ll make sure you know how to get the best from it. Plus, we’re always on the end of the phone if you need us.

Our Technology Stack

There is a large list of technologies we use and work with. Here are a few of these which we personally focus and specialize on:

  • Xamarin Native Mobile Development: iOS, Android & Windows
  • Microsoft Azure (Cloud)
  • Azure DevOps (formally TFS, VSO, VSTS)
  • Microsoft .NET (all the way from 1.0 – 4.8)
  • Microsoft .NET Core
  • Microservices Containers like: Docker
  • Modern languages like: C#
  • Database technologies like: SQL Server, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB
  • Web platforms like: ASP.NET Core and building on HTML 5 and beyond
  • Web service platforms like: WebAPI
  • Web languages like: TypeScript, Javascript
  • Web client frameworks like: JQuery, JQuery UI, Knockout
  • Web digital design layouts using frameworks like: Bootstrap, Foundation for responsive design
  • Desktop platforms like: UWP, Windows Services

We are not just limited to the list above but it is a snippet of what the world commonly uses to develop software solutions.

If there is something you require to be developed on using certain technologies or platforms which are not mentioned above, then we most likely do cover it! Why not get in touch with us and talk more?